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Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between Storybook Birthdays LLC,  and or Storybook Studio, LLC, Artist and you, the customer. No entertainment services shall be considered to be scheduled or booked until a deposit has been received. All invoices are sent via email. Once you have received the email and made the deposit payment Storybook Birthdays is bound to deliver the entertainment as stated on the invoice. Please review the invoice to ensure your Party date, time, location, entertainer or character, and services listed are correct. Please note we do not guarantee specific actors for each part. Storybook birthdays, LLC reserves the right to cast each character with the appropriate actor.

Deposit amounts -For small events, requiring 1 entertainer a deposit of no less than $84.00 is required to secure your event. For events requiring 2 or more entertainers a deposit of 50% is required.

Cancellation by customer - No refund of the deposit amount will be given due to customer cancelation. Your deposit may be used as credit toward another event, product, service, or Special Event tickets. Purchases for ticketed events at our location or other rented location are nonrefundable.

Rescheduling fee- You may reschedule your event with 48 hours’ notice, with no rescheduling fee. There is a Rescheduling fee of $35 per character for reschedules with less than 48 hours’ notice. The rescheduling fee may be waived in the case of impending weather, illness of the child or party host or host’s immediate family.

Character/Artist Performance Time - The Artist's performance chargeable time shall be deemed to be from the agreed performance start time to the agreed performance finish time. The Artist will make a reasonable effort to be ready to perform 5 minutes prior to the agreed character performance start time in the event that the character performance is required earlier by mutual agreement with the Client. The Artist reserves the right to arrive at the venue at the time deemed necessary by the Artist for set-up prior to the performance. Please keep in mind that some things are beyond our control and allow a 15-minute window from the scheduled start time in case of traffic delay. If we incur a delay and start 15 minutes late, we will stay an additional 15 minutes so that you receive the full amount of service time ordered. We do not refund any portion of the party fee due to late arrival in the 1st 15 minutes. 

Customer Responsibilities -Customer must pay the balance in full before the performance begins. Customer must provide a safe atmosphere for the performer(s). Customers must not ask performers to participate in activities that may cause damage to costumes, wigs, or the wellbeing of the performer. Performance must take place in a smoke free and drug free atmosphere. Our performers may not be physically harassed, belittled, yelled at, or sexually harassed. If a performer feels that the customer or guests are putting them in danger of these things the performer reserves the right to end the visit with no refund in full or in part due to the customer.

Outdoor Performance - The Artist shall not participate in events held outdoors in inclement weather, or under the threat of inclement weather, nor in direct sunlight. Under no circumstance shall the Artist's costume get wet unless hiring a water mermaid or water characters. The Client shall provide a solid clean, level surface if the event is to be held outside. Pavement, concrete, wood, carpet, or dry grass is acceptable. The dry character Costumes shall not be placed directly in damp areas, on sand, dirt, or gravel. Noncompliance shall result in dry cleaning or damage fees. The Artist will not perform in temperature ranges outside of 60 ̊F and 90 ̊F.

Venue Performance- The customer is required to get permission for a performance from the venue where services are to be performed. No refunds shall be given for customer’s failure to secure a location that allows character entertainment. It is not uncommon for venues to refuse entry by masked characters.

Cancelation by Storybook Birthdays - Storybook Birthdays reserves the right to cancel services for the following reasons:

Impending inclement weather warning, i.e., thunderstorms, flash flood warnings, heat advisory, cold fronts, hurricanes, tornado warnings and other acts of God. Accident or injury of the entertainer on the way to perform services. Unavoidable traffic jams. Illness or injury to the entertainer in the days or hours proceeding the event. If a problem arises that prohibits the entertainer from performing at your event, Storybook Birthdays, LLC will make every effort to communicate the problem to you in a timely manner and will also make every effort find a suitable replacement actor. If Storybook Birthdays fails to provide the contracted service, you will receive a full refund within 24 hours of our cancelation.

Photography and Video - Assistants or photographers may be present at your party. They often take photos or video for our website and social media. Customer agrees that any photos taken at the event may be used for advertising purposes. If you prefer not to have photos taken at your party, please let the assistant know or notify us at your earliest convenience. We will honor your wishes if and when we are aware of them. Customers and guests often post photos on social media of our characters in action. We hope you will tag Storybook Birthdays whenever possible. If you do tag Storybook Birthdays, we may share these posts on our pages. Our preferred photographers may also share these photos for advertising purposes unless you have expressed to them that they may not. See the photographer’s contract or terms and conditions if you have hired a photographer.

Covid-19 Policy - Storybook Birthdays and our performers, staff, suppliers, and other agents will make every effort to provide a low-risk entertainment experience. All of our costumes, wigs, props, and games are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for our mutual protection. We also provide hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes to each of our staff to clean as they work or perform. The customer assumes the risk of transmission when inviting a performer or attending an event. Our performers reserve the right to wear a mask which will match or compliment their costume whenever they feel it benefits their safety. Masks may be removed at their discretion. If the performer is not wearing a mask, the customer reserves the right to ask them to put one on and they will do so at your request.

Hold Harmless - Customer agrees to hold harmless Storybook Birthdays, LLC, Artists, Employee, Agents, and contractors for any damage or injury that may occur due to our presents at your event. Customer agrees to hold harmless Storybook Studio, LLC and Savvy Snapshots Photos and Films for any damage or injury that may occur inside our venue or while using photography services. 

Non performance- If Storybook Birthdays, LLC. Fails to attend the event for services contracted as stated on your invoice a full refund will be given within 24 hours. If Storybook Birthdays, LLC needs to cancel due to a staff shortage they will refund 100% of the amount you have paid and will make every effort to direct you to a service that may be able to accommodate your requests.

Dispute Resolution - The Artist and Client agree that any dispute arising out of this Performance Agreement will be settled by binding arbitration, and that the Artist’s maximum liability under any such settlement will be limited to the actual amount paid by the Client to the Artist.

Agreement with these terms and conditions is expressed and implied by your deposit payment. Deposits may only be accepted via our invoicing method currently through Square or PayPal. 

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