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Character Dining Fundraiser January 13, 2024

Storybook Birthdays is happy to support the Dance Team Fundraiser. As a parent of a dancer and owner of the business I'd love to do whatever I can to assist the girls in their efforts. When another mom asked if we could think of a fundraiser using my costumes and store front, I gave a lot of thought to how to run it and what the girls could do to make the most money for the teams.

This business is somewhat unique, so I want anything we do to be special. With this plan 85% of the proceeds of the fundraiser will go to the Booster Club. The money will be shared with the High School team and the Middle school teams based on the participation from each team. For the sake of simple math, if 10 girls participate and 5 are from each team that's 50% for each team. The High School funds will be earmarked for transportation funds for the Orlando Competition. The Middle School funds will be earmarked for the End of the year Banquet and awards.  


How will it work?


As a business I'm planning a monthly Character Dining Day Starting in January. So now is the perfect time to piggyback on that advertising and make the 1st event a Team Fundraiser. Instead of employing my staff, The Dance Team Members can volunteer to work any shift that suits them. 

I've worked out an amazing rate with a caterer. The caterer will set up the buffet and teach the volunteers how to plate the food at each service. We need 2-3 servers for the buffet and 2-3 Princesses or Characters at each event to take pictures with the kids. Most of my little customers are between age 3 and 6. They love meeting characters at our events. I have a wide variety of costumes in many sizes. Any dancer who would like to participate can surely find a suitable way to participate. Parents of dancers may also help. The more help we can get the better. 

Once we've got volunteers in place, I'll provide ads that you can share on your social media as well as flyers you can post at your place of business. We need the social media shares! We don't have a budget for specifically advertising a fundraiser. I do advertise other events which will help draw attention but your contacts, shares, and emails to your own friends will drive the sales. My goal for this fundraiser is to earn $2500 for the Dance Teams. To do that we need to sell reservations for every seat at every meal service.  

Reservations will be made on the Storybook website so there's no need for you to collect money. Our reservation system will keep track of seats sold so we can be sure to buy the correct amount of food and fill the room without becoming overcrowded. 

Fundraiser Sign up

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Volunteer to raise money for the St. Martin Dance Teams.
Which shif would you like to work?

Thanks for participating. We hope this is a great fundraiser for your team. 





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